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ORI Training

Our Responsibility Initiative (ORI) aims to educate young people in Cambodia to become changemakers, social entrepreneurs, and leaders in their communities. We support trainees in establishing their own independent projects rather than imposing ideas from the top down. We encourage trainees to identify the issues they would like to resolve. Their local knowledge will allow them to base their activities on the needs of their communities and tailor their focus to local circumstances.


Our program’s primary focus is on entrepreneurial-based education. Initially, we want to train potential and young talents to become entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and change-makers, so that they can go back to their community to help solve problems and develop programs.

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ORI Training Phpto

Our training program starts with a one-month intensive course training that includes the following modules: effective communication and advocacy, leadership and change management, project management, and social entrepreneurship. We will engage college professors, business and NGO leaders, and social entrepreneurs as instructors and coaches for these modules. The next phase of the training helps each trainee plan and complete a three-month project to address a particular problem in their community, which is itself identified through a participatory methodology taught in the training program. Trainee’s solution proposals must fall into one of these categories: Education quality improvement, Healthcare reform, Agriculture modernization, Rural Development, Environmental protection, and Climate Change.


We focused on four skills: effective communication, leadership and change management, project management, and social entrepreneurship.


2nd Training Program focusing on five skills with an additional digital transformation program to catch up with the Covid pandemic working environment.


Theme of Business Innovation: Effective Communication and Networking Skills, Social Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Leadership and Change Management, and Digital Transformation.

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