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27th May to 8th August 2021: We started the second ORI Training Program by focusing on five skills with an additional digital transformation program to catch up with the Covid pandemic working environment. In this training, we had 46 participants who completed the five-week training.

They formed seven teams and completed projects as followed

• The Co Eco Nature Garden team learned how to grow mushrooms and compiled the experience they gained to train a community of farmers through social media platforms who wish to grow mushrooms for their livelihood.  

• The Video Editing Education team (VEE) offered 5 weeks of online training in photography and video editing skills to 30 participants.

• The Mindfulness team offered online meditation training with 21 participants about mindfulness and mental health.

• The Smile team helped increase the income of tailors during Covid19 by giving them sewing materials for masks and helping them with sales to mass customers.  

• The Breksa team provided online training to high school students on self-awareness and self-improvement with 71 participants.

• The Career Consultant team provided ideas and research related to choosing a career and a major at university to high school students.  

• The Tech4Community team shared knowledge related to Google tools with both high school and university students through online workshops.

Fund 10 computers to outstanding students

8th April 2022: Partner with Computer of Change, which is supported by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, to fund 10 laptops to 10 poor high school students at ORG in Battambang Province. The purposes of this campaign are to give them change and to encourage them to learn technology which is really important in this 21st Century and their future career.

Zoom Group Photo
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