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A Christmas Miracle

Updated: Feb 28

Helping Hand operates in the capital, Phnom Penh, in one of the poorest communities of the city, and it is one of the many slum communities where thousands of children desperately need both educational and emotional support. When we don't know what the children need, it may be one of the greatest gifts to express more love and smiles to them, especially those who care about and cherish them. It is all that they truly want.

Christmas miracle is one of the most memorable times that we can all make a truth between IYFABW and Helping Hand Cambodia. It's also one of the greatest times to support children in the community in receiving special gifts from Santa and friends, to be their warmest family members, and to realize their potential through activities such as singing, dancing, and other acts. IYFABW wishes to be their compassionate, attentive, and joyous companion.

Therefore, IYFABW also wanted to share the great love and memories with everyone else who shares the same feelings. By December 25th, 2022, gift or cash donation will be very necessary to present and share with children.

A total of seventeen volunteers, including members of IYFABW and CamED business school students, have gathered together to organize the Christmas event with the hopes of showing appreciation, warmth, and joy to underprivileged children.

The Christmas Miracle became a reality for children who dreamed of Santa Claus coming down the chimney and presents under the Christmas tree on 25th December 2022. The team arrived at the Helping Hand community, and the event proceeded with Mr. Chin Thomith (president of IYFABW) who gave a warm opening remark. A moment worth witnessing is when the IYFABW teams and community students shared heart-touching stories that ignited joy, sympathy, and inspiration. Activities such as bonding games, cake decoration, and group dancing competitions were conducted in order to spread the spirit of Christmas within the blooming hearts of the children—making 2022 Christmas a day to remember in times of distress and sorrow.

The Christmas Miracle project brought us more joy and happiness with the community students than expected. It was such a never-ending memory and time that children treated us like real Santa. We are grateful to belong where we are now and are working to bring more opportunities to the underprivileged community.

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